How important is social media on my website?

by Admin 17. October 2011 13:51

Facebook and Twitter are not just for teenagers any more. Nowadays, more and more businesses are using these to build an interested online community. Consider starting a blog where you post relevant articles about your industry, your products, new developments, and upcoming events. Providing a forum where your customers can interact with you and other customers and share knowledge helps to build your company’s brand and positioning.

You can post press releases on your website and/or blog by simply writing an article, then link to them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Xplore Studio will be able to include “share” buttons so that visitors can easily share your content.

Setting up social media channels for marketing purposes is a great way to improve the company’s image that is it’s trustworthiness in the eyes of it’s customers. Contact Xplore Studio to help you to design a website that is attactive, informative and setup on a high standard.



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