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by Admin 24. August 2011 05:55

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Alitha van Niekerk of Lensflair Photography these last couple of weeks. Not only have I learned alot about photography, but her passion for her work is contagious.

Alitha had a wordpress website for a few years now, and thought it was time for a re-design on her website.

We've given her a fresh dynamic look on the website that compliments her avid phtographic ability.

Alitha is the obvious choice for family photographs!

View her website at



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8/24/2011 10:40:30 AM #

Marlene, you're such a stunning person and working with you on this website was such a pleasure.  You knew exactly what I wanted and made it come to life.  Big big thank you and you'll be seeing much more of me in future.

Alitha van Niekerk South Africa

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