The importance of an e-mail signature

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An often overlooked, but extremely important part of an e-mail is the signature block. Your e-mail signature should be the final section of each e-mail that you send. It acts as an information and marketing block that provides pertinent and important information about you or your company to anyone that corresponds with you via e-mail.

There are several aspects that you should be aware of when creating your e-mail signature that we’re going to look at:

- Your contact information

- Your name
- Your title

- Company name

- Phone number(s)

- Fax number(s)

- Physical address

- Website address

- E-mail address

- Logo


These are the basics of what you need to communicate in your signature. They allow anyone that receives an e-mail from you to quickly locate an easy way to contact you or your business. Be sure to include your e-mail address as well in the signature, even though it may seem redundant or not make much sense to include it.


Keep it short and simple


The shorter the better. Keep it simple. Remember, your e-mail signature is for branding and allowing the ability to quickly contact you. Short and simple.


Make it look professional


Although it’s fun to throw in animated .GIFs, purple backgrounds and ants marching in a circle around your name, those don’t exactly convey professionalism. You want your signature to be aesthetically pleasing and project the image of reputable and professional.




As mentioned above, aesthetics and the ability to easily read and locate contact information is of the utmost importance. With that being said, keep in mind the following:

- Avoid small fonts

- Avoid extra large fonts

- Avoid lengthy sentences and multiple lines

- Avoid multiple colors

- Avoid multiple font types and sizes

- Remember, just keep it simple and elegant.




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