The benefits of Print Advertising

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Advertising comes in many forms from billboard and television commercials to newspaper and web ads. Print advertising is the term used for any type of advertising on physical paper. Newspaper or magazine ads, brochures, flyers, newsletters, postcards, and booklets are all considered print advertising. Even business cards, promotional folders, and any other imprinted business literature are advertising material because all contain company information and are distributed to clients.

Printed marketing tools still need to be major part of any advertising campaign for several reasons.

Canvas View

Readers are able to glance quickly at print ads in one view. Headers and subheaders in this canvas view allow for easy skimming of information on paper.

Easy to Read

Many people simply react better to physical ads. They enjoy the feel of paper in their hands, the ability to see it all in one glance. Reading online can be more difficult and provide for a shorter attention span, which means that web ads must say it all in even a smaller amount of words than print ads.


Another reason that print ads are so vital is they can include graphics alongside the text allowing the reader to reference the image while reading. Many web advertisements must be scrolled to view both the picture and text, which can cause disinterest.

While setting aside part of the marketing budget for online ads is important, most companies still need to produce printed marketing campaigns for the best results. Even online businesses could benefit from print advertising because of the ability to reach clients who may never be exposed to the company page when online. The bottom line: the more avenues of advertising a company uses, the better the results. So continue mailing those postcards alongside posting those online ads and see why advertising is so important for business.

This is still my favourite print advertisement:

Small screen, small movie

For Megastar Media


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