Blog vs Facebook

by Admin 28. March 2012 18:24

The question remains, is a blog still a good investment for your business, especially compared to facebook?

My opinion, your blog should still be your main strategy for marketing on the web. A blog will give you the ability to grow your personal brand, make it easy for people to find your business and comment on your work and give you control over the social technology. Patricia Redsicker at Wordview Editing has composed a very informative infographic that provides 10 good reasons why blogging is better than Facebook. Apart from the fact that your blog is unique, your articles is always available and your blog does improve your search rankings, if setup correctly and writing regular posts.

Contact Xplore Studio to give you a free quote on a blog for your business.


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Let us make your business bloom this year

by Admin 15. January 2012 17:16

So we're back in action for 2012 with loads of fun, creativity, design and development!

Let us xplore and be creative in designing a corporate identity for your company, some flyers or brochures for marketing or developing that special website for your company and help you make your business bloom in 2012.

Contact us for a free quote!



Life is short

by Admin 12. December 2011 09:14

Time really flies when you're having fun!


It's hard to believe that the year has almost come to an end.

Thank you to everyone that have supported us during this year.

May you have a wonderful festive season and a prosperous 2012! 




Photographer Logo Business Card and Website

by Admin 10. December 2011 03:22

Xplore Studio designed a logo, business card and website for a photographer friend, Marlize Faller based in Pretoria.

Marlize wanted a fresh, simple, elegant but professional look that catches the eye but sets the focus on the photographs. Marlize specialize in baby portraits as well as children, maternity and family portraits.

She is a great photographer with a true passion for what she does. I am privileged to have her as a friend and I hope that she inspires you in the same way she does me. If you are based in the Pretoria, be sure to give her a call to setup a date for a shoot!

You can visit her website at



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Online Wedding Invites

by Admin 22. November 2011 03:59

Xplore Studio have done a few online wedding invites this year. We have teamed up together with Elsje Designs, who did the graphic designing of the invites. It has been very inspiring to work with them since they have such a passion for design.

Xplore Studio have worked on page-turn invites which basically works like a book, using your mouse to turn the pages. It can also consist of an interactive yes-no button to respond to the invite.

It's been so much fun doing these online invites that I really do hope there's more to come!



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HDK Project Management website and Corporate Id

by Admin 16. November 2011 01:35


Xplore Studio have been approached by the HDK Group to help with the branding of a new division called HDK Project Management. We had to incorporate unique colours that is professional but stands out from the rest.

Xplore Studio designed business cards, complimentary cards, letterheads, folders and more stationary for the HDK Project Management team.

We have also designed and are almost ready to launch the new website for HDK Project Management.
Jan Rabie, from HDK Project Management has really outdone the rest with working on unique projects from the Bella Rosa Village in Tyger Valley to La Clemence Retirement Village in Stellenbosh. For more information on all his projects, please view their website, which is soon to be launched and great to look at!




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Welcome aboard on the Xplore train Gerda!

by Admin 23. September 2011 05:07

A warm welcome to Gerda van Zyl, our new graphic designer at Xplore Studio!!!


Gerda joined us about a month ago in assisting with graphic design, corporate id's, logo's, web design, print ready artwork and branding & advertising for our clients. Gerda not only has years of experience in this field of work, but she did some amazing designs for clients such as Sarie, Old Mutual, Ken Forrester Wines, Linton Park Wines, Scramble Productions, Leisure Travel International, and the list goes on...


So, be sure to contact us if you need any of the above services done for your business, a refresher on your website, or even if you just want to meet Gerda.



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Website for Biokineticist and Personal Trainer

by Admin 8. September 2011 01:27

Here's a website to motivate you guys to shape-up before summer!

Glynn Moolman is a registered biokineticist and personal trainer at a Durbanville healthclub. He asked Xplore Studio to help him with a new business logo and website.

Wanting a logo and website that are both professional and timeless, Xplore Studio ended up designing and developing it all in a jiffy. Glynn needed a website where he can list all his services, and boy there's a lot... Personal Training, Diets, Massages, any biokinetic services, suppliments to name a few.

Make an effort and visit his website at to get motivated!

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Website for Lensflair Photography

by Admin 24. August 2011 05:55

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Alitha van Niekerk of Lensflair Photography these last couple of weeks. Not only have I learned alot about photography, but her passion for her work is contagious.

Alitha had a wordpress website for a few years now, and thought it was time for a re-design on her website.

We've given her a fresh dynamic look on the website that compliments her avid phtographic ability.

Alitha is the obvious choice for family photographs!

View her website at



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Tips on boosting your business

by Admin 25. July 2011 02:39

Jacob Cass, a 23 year old graphic designer is featuring #1 on the Google search engine only by searching a few keyword for his business. “I don’t do any advertising at all” says Cass, “All of my business comes through my Web site”.

What he does possess: a Web site,, that tops the results when you type “freelance graphic designer NYC” and its variations into Google, a feat Cass achieved through back-end fiddling, weekly blogging on design topics and intelligent site architecture.

According to a recent study by Optify, the first three organic (nonpaid) results in a Google search get 58.4 percent of clicks, with more than half of those going to the first entry. As a result, Cass never has to look for work; he claims to receive a half-million site visits a month ,and 15 substantial project leads a week.

If creating your own Web site has been on your someday-maybe list, it may be time to move that to-do up a few spots. If you’re a self-employed or creative professional, you already know that it’s essential to attracting new clients, showcasing your latest work and telling potential customers where to find you. If your career is corporate, a Web site isn’t going to replace Ye Olde Resume, but it’s a great place to showcase what a catch you are for employers.


So here it is, quick easy steps to create your own website:


STEP 1: Buy your domain name

This is an annual fee to keep your name out there. To host your website on the web, will cost you a minimum monthly fee. Contact Xplore Studio to help you set this up.


STEP 2: Map out your content

To improve your site’s visibility, you may also want to link up your Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.


“It’s absolutely crucial that anyone building a personal Web site integrate their social destinations into their site,” says Anthony Zarro, founder and managing partner of Drive Action Digital, a digital marketing agency. “You’re creating content that lives in multiple places that link to one another, which improves your SEO [search engine optimization].”


So can putting a blog on your site. As Cass can attest, a news stream rife with target keywords can drive traffic to your site through social media channels and searches. Cass regularly blasts his articles on design topics to the 42,267 Twitter followers who know him as @justcreative.


STEP 3: Choose a look and feel

This is where we come in… getting to know you better by sharing thoughts on what works best, what looks great and how to get there. Xplore Studio provide you with a flat image of the website and you decide if it works for you before we do the actual development on it. Xplore Studio also offer setup for WordPress websites and blogs at a minimal rate.


STEP 4: Remember, it’s all about you

“Any site, whether it’s a personal or brand site, should be emblematic of who you are,” says Zarro. “It should tell your story the way you want it to be told.”


STEP 5: Promote yourself

Once your site is built and optimized, don’t be shy. Put the URL in your e-mail signature and on your social media profiles. Get your friends to “like” it on Facebook and “plus one” you on Google+. If you do blog, send your posts out over your social media channels.


Contact Xplore Studio and we can help you to setup all the above at a cost-effective rate!




We give credit to for the above references used




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