The benefits of Print Advertising

by Admin 22. June 2010 01:50

Advertising comes in many forms from billboard and television commercials to newspaper and web ads. Print advertising is the term used for any type of advertising on physical paper. Newspaper or magazine ads, brochures, flyers, newsletters, postcards, and booklets are all considered print advertising. Even business cards, promotional folders, and any other imprinted business literature are advertising material because all contain company information and are distributed to clients.

Printed marketing tools still need to be major part of any advertising campaign for several reasons.

Canvas View

Readers are able to glance quickly at print ads in one view. Headers and subheaders in this canvas view allow for easy skimming of information on paper.

Easy to Read

Many people simply react better to physical ads. They enjoy the feel of paper in their hands, the ability to see it all in one glance. Reading online can be more difficult and provide for a shorter attention span, which means that web ads must say it all in even a smaller amount of words than print ads.


Another reason that print ads are so vital is they can include graphics alongside the text allowing the reader to reference the image while reading. Many web advertisements must be scrolled to view both the picture and text, which can cause disinterest.

While setting aside part of the marketing budget for online ads is important, most companies still need to produce printed marketing campaigns for the best results. Even online businesses could benefit from print advertising because of the ability to reach clients who may never be exposed to the company page when online. The bottom line: the more avenues of advertising a company uses, the better the results. So continue mailing those postcards alongside posting those online ads and see why advertising is so important for business.

This is still my favourite print advertisement:

Small screen, small movie

For Megastar Media


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Tygerberg Plumbing Logo Design

by Admin 21. June 2010 04:13

The corporate image is by far the most important single asset a company has.

A good corporate Identity allows your company to convey its purpose and message and sets it apart from the competition.

Tygerberg Plumbing realised the importance of a well designed logo as part of their corporate identity and contacted us to give their image that corporate and professional look and feel.

Now they can use their revamped logo and pull it through to their stationary design like business cards, letterheads and invoice templates.



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8 Common Graphic Design Myths Revealed

by Admin 9. June 2010 06:08

Myth 1: All Graphic Designers are Rich

Design is an extremely competitive field, and therefore, companies don’t need to go broke to keep their design departments staffed. There is always someone out there willing to work for less, and unfortunately, that keeps our salary rate pretty low right out of school. If you’re talented, and you put in the time and the work, you will move up the pay scale. But, be realistic. You’re not going to be making doctor or lawyer money. Not unless you want to do the hard stuff. If you have the drive and talent to be a back-end programmer, then you might take home a pretty nice paycheck.

I don’t think that most of us are starving, but I know that many of us work a 9 to 5 and freelance on the side just to make ends meet.

Myth 2: It’s an Easy Job

When I tell people I’m a Graphic Designer, the usual response is, “Oh, that must be FUN!” as if Graphic Design isn’t a real job. I’ve had clients say, “I wish I could come to your office and play all day with you instead of working.”
Well, I’m here to tell you that  it’s not easy, it’s not a game, and it’s not a joke. Designers work long hours, under extremely tight deadlines, for demanding clients. We are expected to do design work, customer service, accounting, and sales. We are the ultimate multi-taskers, working on several projects at once, and we are expected to constantly come up with fresh creative ideas.

Myth 3: The Studying Ends After College

If you don’t like books or if you don’t like constantly learning new things, graphic design may not be the field for you. When I look back at my college books, I laugh. We were using Photoshop 3, and Illustrator had just started to replace Correl Draw. It has been up to me, for the last 10 years, to constantly read books, study tutorials, and attend classes to make sure that my skills upgraded with the design programs. Not only did I have to keep up with the latest software, I had to keep up with the world

Myth 4: Designers Don’t Have to Deal with People

It seems that many designers have this lovely image of their future selves sitting in front of two gorgeous wide-screen Apple displays while rocking out to their favorite band — designing in peaceful bliss for 8 hours each day. There might be a few jobs like this available somewhere. But, for most of us, we will be dealing with clients — or a sales team — on a daily basis. Be ready for constant interruptions, jumping from project to project as the calls come in. Be ready for meetings, phone conferences, and a hundred daily emails.

Myth 5: Clients Realize that the Designer Knows Best, and will Give them Freedom to Design

Probably one of the hardest concepts for a student or a new designer to grasp is that after school is over, they are done designing for themselves. Sure, there is the rare (and treasured) client that will trust you to make all of the right decisions. But, most clients come in armed with myths 2 and 7 and assume that they can do your job just as well or better than you can. They will direct every detail and revise your designs into the ground.

Myth 6: Designers Can Easily start their own Company right out of School

So many students live with the belief that they will start their own multi-million dollar company the day after they graduate.

You do learn a lot in school. But, you don’t learn half of the things that you’ll need to know to run a company. Those are things that you learn on the job. You’re not going to learn how to deal with clients, how to handle contracts, estimates, and billing, or how to hire illustrators and printers at school. You’re not going have a network of reliable people right out of school. You’re not going to know how to run a meeting, how to set up a conference call, or how to keep track of hundreds of open jobs. It is important that you build a foundation for yourself with professional experience before you venture off on your own.

Myth 7: Anyone Can Do It

As designers, we get a lot of “Oh, my cousin is a designer,” or “My friend is a designer,” just to find out that these people know a little Photoshop, or create invitations with Word. The two examples I seem to run across the most is those who have played with Photoshop Elements, and those who have created their first website with FrontPage. People think that because they can remove red-eye or make a photo sepia-tone, they are on their way to a second career in Graphic Design. These are the people I am up against when a client says “I have a neighbor who will design my website for R1000.”

Myth 8: There are Plenty of Dream Jobs to Go Around

I’ve found that most student designers share the same dreams. They want to test video games, create album covers (only for their favorite bands), design t-shirts, or spend their days color-correcting images in Photoshop. Your dreams may be different, and that’s probably good. The problem is that some students are so set on these dream jobs, that they forget to make themselves marketable just in case they can’t land one of these rare positions. Try to be realistic. Expand your skill-set just in case. Don’t close your mind to other possibilities.

Xplore Studio gives credit to Creative Opera (by Manda)




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Why should a logo cost more than your lunch?

by Admin 4. June 2010 05:45

A logo is the very first impression people get of your company

Before a potential client even walks through your door, your logo is a representation of your company. It can make a company appear large, small (whether it really is or not) fun, serious, professional…

A logo needs longevity

Once a logo is designed it will represent your company for many years.

A logo needs to be original

A logo should be designed specifically for your company. A cheap “generic logo” may not reflect your company’s values. A cheap logo may also use clip art which could end up being used by another company.

A logo should look professional

You wouldn’t take a potential new client to Mac Donalds for lunch, in effect this is what is being done with a cheap logo. A logo should give your company a professional image, appropriate to its needs.

A logo should reflect the time and thought gone in to designing it

One of the problems here is that people don’t always realise the amount work that goes into a professionally designed logo:

  • The research – even if the budget is quite small I would expect at the very least to find out who the company’s main competitors are and how they present themselves
  • The brainstorming of ideas
  • The rough sketches
  • The 3rd and sometimes 4th logo options worked up on the computer
  • The amends, tweaking and further amends

A logo is the starting point of your whole corporate image

The colours typography and style of a logo will often dictate the corporate look of the rest of a company’s literature.

Xplore Studio gives credit to: Graphic Design Blog, UK


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Revamp on Corporate Identity for Law Firm

by Admin 1. June 2010 08:46

Nielen Marais Jnr, a partner in KMI Law approached us to revamp their corporate look and identity. They are a well established law firm and required a fresher, modern look to reflect their proffesional services.

We provided KMI Law with three different logo concepts and they immediately decided to go with the logo displayed in the image above. We think it was a wise decision and love their new corporate image. Of course the new corporate identity had to be pulled through to all their business stationary and branding concepts – from their business cards to their letterheads.

It does not matter in which industry you find yourself, a corporate revamp always attracts attention!


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For Heavens Cake and Design Sake...

by Admin 16. April 2010 10:46

Xplore Studio is all about the big and the small. We design and develop websites for corporate biggies, but also cater for the design requirements of unique small businesses. One of the corporate identity designs we recently did was for an entrepreneur breaking into the cake and catering industry. For Heavens Cakes focus exclusively on creative cakes in the kids party and events industry. Marlizan Johannes is the owner of this quaint business and a fantasic client to work with.

We gave in to our feminine side and came up with these cute and fun loving designs – much like the owner!

Needless to say Marlizan loved the playful touch as this is the trademark of her business. If you ever need a cake for any special occasion or specifically a Kiddies Birthday party, do give Marlizan a call on 082 974 4716. We have first hand experience that her cakes taste as delicious as they look.

Although we are an all women team we do butch it up with corporate companies, so no matter what your business profile looks like – we can most certainly design it for you!


Welcome to our first blog post!

by Admin 6. April 2010 17:04

Welcome to our official first of many blog posts to come.

I would like to make use of this opportunity to refresh your memory of who exactly Xplore Studio is and what we can do for you…

Let’s start from scratch…

We are a Cape Town based Advertising, Marketing and Design Company with a dedicated team of professionals who specialise in creative and practical Corporate Identity Design and Branding. Our services also include affordable Website Design and aggressive Online Marketing.

Our Services include, but are not limited to the following:

Graphic Design

With a wide range of graphic design services we can serve your company’s every desire. We specialize in the design of your corporate identity, branding, advertising materials as well as the design of your website.

Logo Design

A logo is your window to the world! Whatever the image your company wishes to project, we will design and develop a logo that will suit the image your company desire.

Corporate Identity

What exactly is corporate identity? This includes your business’s logo design, business cards, letterheads, complimentary slips, etc
Corporate identity is the most important aspect of creating your company’s image and is crucial to the face of your business.

Branding and Advertising

At Xplore Studio we build brands that create value and meet your business’s unique requirements.
Advertising also plays an ever increasing role in the success of your business. Effective advertising strategies that are both striking and persuasive are at the core of our advertising campaigns.

Website Design

You probably already know how important it is to have a well designed website.
We design and develop from scratch or give your existing site a complete facelift. We design and develop economically and professionally with added services to maintain the website once it is up.

Hosting Packages

Hosting is a fundamental part of any website – trust us to take care of all your hosting needs while you can rest assured that you are getting the best internet hosting has to offer
Cost-effective, secure and stable hosting with a guaranteed up time of 99% is what you get at Xplore Studio.

Online marketing

Our search engine optimization and internet marketing services make your website work!
Xplore Studio gives you excellent exposure and online presence on all the major search engines.Increase your website contacts, referrals, hot leads and customer conversions by getting a higher volume of expertly targeted website traffic to your website with Xplore Studio.

This is Xplore Studio in a nutshell!

Keep an eye out for our forthcoming and interesting articles on just about everything linked to Graphic Design, Web development, branding, advertising and online marketing.


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