Website for Bacchus Equipment

by Admin 1. February 2011 07:56

Bacchus Equipment is a leading supplier of quality capital equipment and consumable items to the wine, olive and beverage industries.

Our client wanted their website to reflect a warm and inviting effect rather than project a clinical and cold feel with all their equipment on the Homepage. Seeing as they supply their equipment to the wine industry and their offices are situated in the beautiful town Paarl, we could play around with the image of the vineyards.

This just goes to show that no matter what industry you are in, your website can portray your products in an attractive manner.



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Platsak na die vakansie?...

by Admin 18. January 2011 07:13



You could still be on holiday...

by Admin 13. January 2011 09:57

Our business services include: Website Development, Graphic Design, Branding, Corporate Identity and Online Marketing


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The blondes are back

by Admin 10. January 2011 03:28

Although we had a short, but fun filled break, we are fully recharged and on a mission for the new year. We would like to thank all our clients for your support in 2010 and we look forward to working with you during the course of this year.

Xplore Studio is back at the office and already we’ve started with a bang. Our projects lined up for this month are well on track and we had no choice but to get out of those holiday vibes and get into our thinking caps.

We are very excited about 2011 and we know that Xplore Studio will reach new heights. So if you are interested in a brand new custom designed website, corporate identity, logo or branding contact us so that we can wow you with our talent.

May 2011 be your best year yet…


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Website for Gospel Singer Gwendoline

by Admin 23. November 2010 07:01

Gwendoline is a gospel singer and you can feel her presence as she enters the room.

I personally love the look of this website – especially the patterned background. For that added personal touch we used photos of Gwendoline throughout her website – these gorgeous photos did wonders for the look and feel.

We added some functionality to her website by integrating sound clips of her songs as well as a calendar where she can add and remove shows.

The website gives Gwendoline the freedom to add and edit her information as she sees fit and that was a huge bonus for her.

It has been great working with Gwendoline -  to see God’s presence in her every deed and her talent that she is devoting solely to Him. Truly an inspiration to us all!



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Tent Calendar Special

by Admin 5. October 2010 05:17

Tent Calendar Special

Put your name on your client's desk 365 days of the year!

Includes 1 000 full colour calendars
Professional, custom design and printing included

We also do:
Logos, branding, graphic design, websites, online marketing and printing

Contact for this special offer


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A website well blended

by Admin 5. October 2010 03:54

This was a great website to design and develop, the look and feel of the website was of great importance and had to be calm and inviting.

The website went live in the same week as Shelley’s book launch – so there was much excitement all around.

The website also gives Shelley the ability to showcase current workshops and add it to a calendar.

All and all it was a blast working with Shelley on this website – if you would like to order a copy of her book please do so on the website.


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Website Design as sweet as Chocolat

by Admin 7. September 2010 10:13

Being women and all when we heard the name Chocolat we jumped at the opportunity to take part in the design and development of this website. To those of you who have paid a visit to Chocolat Cafe and Décor Shop will know exactly what we mean when we say that detail is the key to this cheeky coffee shop.

The website needs to display the ambience and decor of the coffee shop. We played around with the colour brown to give it that warm effect and of course it is indeed the colour of chocolat. We used pictures of the food and interior of Chocolat to bring forth the look and feel of this unique coffee shop.

If you are ever in the area make sure you order a piece of their incredibly moist chocolat cake as this is certainly one of their many favourites.

All and all we had a great time with Wilma Basson, owner of Chocolat, and it always gives us great pleasure to design a website for a place with this much character.



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Property Website

by Admin 1. September 2010 09:14

We had a great time planning, designing and developing HDK Properties’ website. The ladies from HDK Properties made us feel welcome and we discussed the design and ideas regarding the website over a cup of tea.


With the design they decided to stick to the corporate colours of HDK Developments – so we stuck with the blue but just spiced it up a bit.

This website is database driven with an administration portal where the agents can upload there own information and photos on different properties.

We especially enjoyed the process of making the About Us page.  It was great fun taking the pictures and playing around on photoshop.

The business of an Estate Agency is to sell and we think that their new and fresh website will ease their process in doing so.

Especially in this industry web presence not only strengthens your brand, but also gives you the platform to great exposure.




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Landscape Logo

by Admin 2. August 2010 05:07

The great thing about the line of work we are in is that we get to meet people from many different industries – and of course design for these industries.
We are busy giving FSA Property Services a revamp and I must admit that this is quite a fun project to work on.  FSA Property Services is a landscaping company based in Durbanville and excellent at what they do. Seeing as landscaping tends to let one think of creative layouts, we had a blast with Beaulah and her brand to cook up something simple but different.

We especially love the logo design with the roll on lawn and implemented this on the business card as well.

Look out for more of our design work to come...



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